Tips for Attaching Your Charm

How do I attach my charm? This is one of the most common questions I get asked. So I have compiled a few tips and tricks to ensure the best presentation of your charm on your bouquet.

1. Position on the bouquet
Placement on the bouquet is the first thing you will want to determine. My suggestion is to pin it about 1/2″ – 1″ down on the stems. Hanging the charm from this height will give it a balanced look for photos and also give your hands plenty of room to hold the bouquet just beneath the charm.


Photo Credit: A Bryan Photo

2. Floral Pins
The most common way to attach a charm is by use of floral pin. You can purchase these from my Etsy site or request them from your florist. The pin can be stuck through the center of the bow itself or through the jump ring used to attach the bow to the frame.


3. Lobster Clasp
In the event that you want to use your charm on something other than a bouquet the lobster clasp’s can be easily attached to your photo charm. To attach with a lobster clasp to a bouquet you will just need to be sure that you have a ribbon that is skinny enough to close the clasp around.

4. Brooch
Hanging your photo frame from a jeweled brooch is a very popular option. The brooches all attach with locking pins and add a great deal of bling to your bouquet while also serving a functional purpose. il_570xN.572302286_apgv


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